We know what you’re thinking. The cries and requests for a koi pond, retaining wall, cedar-mulched rose garden, and Popular Gentleman’s Magazine-style Grotto are getting too frequent. The warm weather is getting too nice. Those balding, scrappy shrubs are on their last breaths. The chain link fence seperating you from your neighbor’s yappy dog just isn’t cutting it. You need a new yard, and you’re full of brilliant ideas. Now you’re thinking, hey, I could save some money doing this myself, how hard can a six-foot hole, full circulation system, Bobcat industrial rototiller, and three tons of patio stones be?

Hard. We’ve seen caved-in pools in Caledonia and broken water mains in Wyoming. We’ve seen cracked concrete in Cascade, and moldy sod in Moline. That’s why we’re professionals. Before you decide to DIY landscape your backyard into a shimmering oasis paradise this summer, here are a few good reasons to spare yourself the hassle and hire a professional, for yourself, your family, and your beautiful lawn:

1) Here at Landscape Supply we sell over fifteen different types of mulch. We sell twenty different styles of decorative and exotic stones, rocks, and boulders. There are hundreds of different bushes, shrubs, and hedges, and literally thousands of flowering plants and trees. Don’t even get us started on sod. A professional landscaper not only takes into consideration your unique likes and requirements, but can also help you discern which of these oodles of choices will work best with your yard, ground, water table, soil profile, sunlight, yard size, and traffic. One wrong choice could disrupt the balance of your project, create more work than you put into it origionally, and end up costing way more than you anticipated. Did we also mention that each of the thousands of sub-categories has a thousand more brand names? We could be here a while…

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Muskegon is truely a summer city! We may be missing the Summer Celebration this year, but with Shivering Timbers at Michigan’s Adventure just around the corner, afternoons at PJ Hoffmaster, and Chase Hammond Golf Club being all georgeous and inviting all the time, I doubt we’ll be hard up for filling our calendars.

Of course, much vacation time (PTO yesssss) is spent in the summer (as it should be, have you seen the weather here the other eight months of the year?), and even with all this fun stuff to do, much time will still be spent at home, hopefully outdoors enjoying the lovely weather to it’s fullest.

We’re here to tell you how to do that. We want you to squeze every last dribbly ounce of enjoyment out of that yard of yours, with a maximum of chillaxing (I don’t know, I heard it on TV) and a minimum of needless hard work. You can thank us later.

Today’s lesson is on the magestic miracle of MULCH. Due to popular request, and the well-known fact that school is OUT and the summer is no time for lectures, we’ll forego the wordy speeches and overhead projectors and give you the dirt (get it? Ha!) in an easy bulleted list of reasons why you should mulch your yard now, and save yourself a whole wagonload of hassle later on.

  • It conserves water, which also conserves time. The porous nature of mulch actually retains water, and leaks out into the dirt as it s l o w l y dries. This is great for you because not only do you not have to waste a bunch of water (our planet’s number one most conservable resource) as it’s absorbed quickly into the ground and dries out, you don’t have to waddle out to your garden three times a day with a hose and sprinkler to make sure all your plants got the water that they need. Most people with properly mulched garden areas don’t need to water the area at all unless you go a particularly long time without rain.

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Landscape supply of Muskegon best-mulch-for-your-flower-bedSpreading mulch over your garden soil saves time and energy.  Flower bed mulch helps hold moisture in the soil and reduces the need to water as often. It also reduces weed growth. Over time, mulch made from organic materials breaks down and improves your soil.

Shredded Bark

Shredded bark is the most common and least expensive types of mulch. It comes from a variety of sources, including cedar trees and can be purchased by Landscape Supply. Shredded bark is one of the best mulch types to use on slopes and it breaks down relatively slowly.  It is considered environmentally friendly. Check the mulch packaging for more information.  If you are in the Muskegon Michigan area, you can load up by the truckload.

A hint: Shredded bark can take up nitrogen from the soil as it decomposes. If you have poor soil, adding some organic fertilizer to the soil will keep your plants healthy.

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