Landscape supply of Muskegon best-mulch-for-your-flower-bedSpreading mulch over your garden soil saves time and energy.  Flower bed mulch helps hold moisture in the soil and reduces the need to water as often. It also reduces weed growth. Over time, mulch made from organic materials breaks down and improves your soil.

Shredded Bark

Shredded bark is the most common and least expensive types of mulch. It comes from a variety of sources, including cedar trees and can be purchased by Landscape Supply. Shredded bark is one of the best mulch types to use on slopes and it breaks down relatively slowly.  It is considered environmentally friendly. Check the mulch packaging for more information.  If you are in the Muskegon Michigan area, you can load up by the truckload.

A hint: Shredded bark can take up nitrogen from the soil as it decomposes. If you have poor soil, adding some organic fertilizer to the soil will keep your plants healthy.

Pine Bark Nuggets

Pine bark nuggets are slower to break down than shredded bark, but they don’t stay in place as well. They’re not a good choice for slopes or other areas where they may be washed away by heavy rain. Pine bark nuggets are available in a variety of sizes; the bigger the nugget, the longer it lasts.

Wood Chips

You can get wood chips from Landscape Supply and may even find them for free from a local tree trimming service – but you’ll probably have to haul them yourself. Wood chips, when fresh, can take up a fair amount of nitrogen from the soil. They can also be acidic and lower your soil’s pH.


You can save money by shredding fallen leaves in your yard and using them to cover the soil. Fallen leaves break down quickly – usually in less than 12 month.  They should be shredded before use to stop them from matting down.

Grass Clippings

Another free mulch; Grass clippings break down fast and add nitrogen to the soil. It’s best to use grass clippings in thin layers and let the grass dry before spreading it as a mulch so it doesn’t start to rot and stink.

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